Q: How does this program work?

You will get instant access to the course right after your purchase. You can start learning immediately or when you have a free afternoon on your calendar! Study at your own pace, whatever your schedule allows. Accessible both on your PC, iPad or phone!

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Q: Michaela, I don’t have very much free time right now. How long do I have to finish this course? 

I took that into consideration when creating this program. I want to make this opportunity accessible to you and as many women as possible. That's why I pre-recorded all tutorials and videos so you can watch them on your schedule and at your own pace. The best part? You have lifetime access to the program, so whether you choose to study 10 minutes a day or binge the whole course over the weekend - you can tailor your learning experience to your needs!

Q: Do I already need to have an Etsy shop?

No, you can join even when starting from literal ground 0! There are lessons included for complete beginners to help you choose your small business name, decide what to sell, and open and set up your Etsy shop step-by-step. The course is easy to navigate through, so you can either watch from start to finish or skip right to the lessons you need the most help with!

Q: Is this only for the North American market? I would love to join, but I am in Europe!

You can absolutely join from wherever you are (as long as the Etsy selling platform is available in your country). My students are from countries all over the world, including England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more! The only difference is in keywords, as most keyword research software is for English-speaking countries!

Q: I have had my Etsy shop for a few months now, but I only got a few orders. Can this course help me? I would like to get orders consistently.  

Yes. The most common reasons new Etsy sellers don't have orders are in your product offer, shop set-up or lack of traffic.

I go over all of it inside the course! I teach you step-by-step how to do product research and make your product stand out on the market. You will also learn how to keyword-optimize your shop to increase your shop traffic. Aaand you will walk away with a professionally set-up shop & listings to convert your shop visitors to customers. And much more!

Q: Is there support if I have any questions?

Of course! We have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with the community. You can also reach out via email, and my team and I are here to support you!

Q: When is this course happening?

Whenever you have time. It is an online self-paced course that you can do at your own time and pace. Whatever works for your schedule!

Q: I am a little bit worried… what if this course won’t work for my small business?

Great question! First, let me tell you that everything I teach in this course is commonly used. Etsy’s best-recommended practices that I studied, tested and used myself to grow my business, as well as many other successful Etsy small business owners, are using. I will not use tech or recommend you something I never tested myself.

But, I understand that you are worried. Every investment in your business is an expense and I want you to feel comfortable investing in my courses. That's why I offer a 30-day refund guarantee for Etsy Success Academy - if you apply what I teach in this course and don’t have improved results for your small business, you can apply for the refund! 

 Q: What if I don’t want to sell random popular product? I already know what I want to sell, can this course still help me? 

Absolutely! While the course does cover product and market research as one of its lessons, it's just a part of the entire program. Even if you have a specific product in mind, I strongly recommend going through these lessons. They provide valuable insights on how to compete effectively with established sellers on the platform.

Understanding how to position your listings strategically, especially as a new shop, is crucial. Even if there are other shops selling similar products, this course will equip you with the strategies needed to stand out and start generating sales on Etsy.

Your easy-to-follow step-by-step roadmap on how to start & grow your Etsy shop from 0 to a profitable small business.

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