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It all started with a one-way ticket to Canada and an unexpected obsession with small business.

Today, I teach and serve a 100K+ community of small business owners, empowering motivated women like you to build the business and life of their dreams.

Eight years ago I was just a Slovak girl with big dreams, broken English, and $500 in my pocket, hoping to chase the American Canadian dream. 

Instead, I spent years working random jobs that left me feeling stuck, thanks to an endless immigration process. But you don’t have to be an immigrant to know what “stuck” feels like. 

Deep down, I always knew there was more out there for me. I craved a life full of joyful days being present with my husband and freedom to travel to Europe and visit my family. I couldn’t keep waiting for my circumstances to change. So I took matters into my own hands and decided to start a business from home. (Then immediately googled “how to start an online business” because I had no idea what I was doing. Maybe can you relate?)

  • Started official Small Biz Babes Community TikTok & Instagram accounts and email list 
  • Hit 100K on TikTok
  • Joined my first mastermind 
  • Launched my first online course: Etsy Success Academy


  • Hit 100K on Instagram
  • Hired my first business coach
  • Launched my website
  • Launched two more online courses: Social Media Planning Masterclass & Etsy SEO Masterclass 
  • Faced massive burnout from running my product business and Small Biz Babes Community 
  • Closed product business and took Small Biz Babes Community full-time


  • Got my Canadian citizenship
  • Sent out my last wedding gift box 
  • Hired my first 3 Small Biz Babes Community team members 
  • Launched the Small Biz Babes Community Podcast
  • Prioritizing self-care and my fertility journey 
  • Helping women today grow the business and life of their dreams


breaking down & breaking through

what a journey, eh?

To be a safe, empowering, and creatively inspiring place where women come to build an online business that makes their dream life a reality. 



I used to say, “I have no idea how to grow a business online.” After growing a multi-six figure business and 100K follower community I’m here to tell you — you don’t need to have all the answers. If you’re willing to learn and grow a little each day, the results will come.

What I'm 


Straight talk, kind people, avocados, European pastries & pasta, value-packed marketing emails, ridding myself of what doesn’t serve me anymore to make room for the very best. 

What I'm 


Self-compassion, reducing anything that causes me stress & anxiety, listening to my gut more often, honouring my morning and evening self-care rituals, saying “no” more so I can say “yes” to the things that I care about most. 

What I'm 

not about

Hustle culture, small talk, scary movies, judging others, strong drinks, seafood, negative attitude, aimless scrolling on social media, giving up on goals too soon, keeping up with societal expectations.

what I


That action plans, systems & structure, room for creativity, family & friends, and taking one step at a time are the ingredients to building a life you’re excited to wake up to every morning.

Important roles in my life...

They say home is where the heart is and mine is in the European countryside. I might’ve left everything behind when I immigrated to Canada in 2015, but I’ll forever be that girl with an accent planning my next trip home to Slovakia. I’m telling you, nothing beats a feel-good Slovak-style family breakfast. The bread is to die for! 

I’m married to the sweetest man on Earth, my best friend, my cheerleader, and the love of my life. I truly believe I manifested him because he’s the husband of my dreams in every way. After four loooong years of TTC, I’m still dreaming of becoming a mama and doing my best to make it happen. 

wife, hoping to be mama

Small European town gal

Ah yes, my guilty (not-so-guilty) pleasure. I’m Slovakian but I’m pretty sure I was Italian in a past life. Just give me a bowl of pasta with a European pastry on the side and I’m one happy gal. 

Carbs lover - wine & pasta please!

Small business mentor

I unexpectedly picked up this title when I found myself replying to hundreds of business questions every day on TikTok. Today, I’m honoured to wear this title by sharing strategies that work and my own business experiences with thousands of small businesswomen around the globe. 

Who is Michaela?

Home is where the heart is. Even though I live in beautiful Canada with my husband, I will forever be that European girl with an accent, planning my next trip to visit my family in Slovakia.

I am the girl who spent $500 in Michaels on Cricut and reached over $400K in sales on Etsy in one year by making handmade gifts from my living room floor and kitchen counter. Don't get fooled - my "overnight success story" took me 5 years and I am all about sharing the real & honest tips about growing small business.

hoping to be

small business owner

Small European town girl

I am married to the sweetest man on the planet, my best friend, cheerleader & love of my life. I am a sucker for all things romantic and love spending quality time with my husband. After three years of TTC, I am still dreaming of becoming a mom.

carbs lover -pasta & wino please!  

I am pretty sure I was Italian in my past life. I could eat pasta every day. Pair it with red wine and I am in heaven! 

The title I inherited after years of small business experience with massive results that transformed my life and helped hundreds of small business owners to start & grow their small business. 

small business coach

Can we go to Michaels, cook pasta and spend an evening scrolling through Pinterest as we look for our next home decor idea or, even better Cricut project?!

hopeless creator

And by “more,” I mean those aspirations that light your business and your soul on fire. That’s why I started the Small Biz Babes Community and I’m just thrilled that you’re here, friend. Stick around long enough and you’ll get everything you need to gently nudge push you toward your wildest dreams. 

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