Michaela Fong

Small Business Educator

DIY-obsessed creator


founder of Small Biz Babes Community

Canadian Immigrant

Essentially, I am like your virtual sister who grew a thriving small business from the living room floor, shared it on TikTok, accidentally built a small business community along the way, and suddenly found myself here, talking to you... 

I am a believer in following your biggest dreams,  real talk and building a business with intention - so it brings you joy and supports the lifestyle you want to live, whatever that means for you!

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I'm Michaela fong

Your virtual small business sister & hype-girl

Most people know me as face beind Small Biz Babes Community. But really, I am just a small European town gal with big dreams who moved to Canada and built a thriving small business from my living room floor and kitchen counter to keep myself proactive during my immigration process! Little did I know that my small business would change my life & help thousands of struggling small business owners around the world. I accidentally grew it into a small business community on TikTok and now am here to empower, teach & inspire you to grow the small business and life of your dreams.